Notable dates at the lake

The Johnson Lake Grass & Leaf Dump:

May 1st – Sunday before Thanksgiving
Friday, Saturday, Sunday 12 pm – 5 pm
LAST DAY the Sunday before Thanksgiving
For more information regarding the Johnson Lake Grass & Leaf Dump, click here.

Thank You!

Elwood/Johnson Lake Guide

Water Fun

Play Hard & Be Safe
Water Fun...Johnson Lake



1. Check weather, wind direction and strength, have suitable clothing.skiing

2. Tell someone when you plan to return.
3. Equipment; Enough life jackets for each person in your boat, fire extinguisher, throw cushion, anchor, bail bucket, line (rope), lights, oar, cell phone, sun glasses, sun screen, towels and cooler.
4. Check fuel, tire pressure, wheel bearings, boat key on floatable key chain, and money.
5. Always check the boat plug.
6. Know the water depth, any hazards; protect the bottom of your boat and your prop.
7. Know the people in your boat. Do they swim?
8. Check for registration, insurance, properly licensed, boat numbers, emergency numbers in the boat, first aid kit, sun block, and oar.
9. Understand boating laws (distances from shore, distance from other boaters, right of way, no wake zone, etc.)
10. Avoid alcohol consumption and do not operate any water craft if you have been drinking.


You are now an Ambassador of Fun on Johnson Lake. How much fun you have depends on how well you plan your visit!